Our New Roomba

Well, we finally broke down and bought a Roomba.

Which is an AI directed vacuum cleaner.

I think you know where AI + robotics is all headed, right?

AI-directed robotic Machinery that will be semi-sentient slaves of us that can afford them.

And despite years of studying moral philosophy, religion and having an engineering degree from a prestigious Ivy League school, I can’t see any problem with that.

You can’t argue that machines are, in any sense, human, or entitled to rights.

I am relatively certain that Isaac Asimov and a zillion other Sci Fi authors have anticipated this very question in books and stories like “I, Robot” — to which I must say, now that labor saving AI machines are finally upon us, I cannot see the moral or ethical problem with deploying them as we see fit.

So, Roomba on, and let there be cleanliness, for we are your God, pitiful machine. And in your Bible, we created you on the Sixth Day, and on the Seventh Day, seeing it was good, we rested.

To be continued?

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