Who to Vote For in November in Pennsylvania’s Judicial Elections and Why

Supreme Court of PA

Nominees Set for November in Pennsylvania Judge Races. Pennsylvania primary voters have picked nominees for open seats on the state’s appellate-level Superior Court.May 16, 2017, at 11:36 p.m


For the Appellate Races this 2017, i recommend the following candidates;

1) for Supreme Court;

Sallie Mundy is the incumbent, but Dwayne Woodruff is not just the better choice, but he was one of the greatest Pittsburgh Steelers in history;



Dwayne Woodruff, Steelers All Pro CB

Judge Woodruff is a Winner–on and off the field–and a Super Bowl winner!  He had 37 interceptions in just 12 seasons as a CB with the Steelers.

If it’s coverage of the law and the facts, there is nothing too speedy to elude Woodruff, who played alongside Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw, and so many other Steelers greats.

He is precisely the kind of fellow we need on the Supreme Court–a team player who will be collegial, not ideological, on the Court.

2) For Commonwealth Court

I recommend;

a) Judge Ceisler, Judge of Philadelphia CCP (D)

b) Judge Fizzano Cannon, Judge of Delaware County CCP (R )

Ceisler is a well spoken pragmatist, while Cannon is cited as extremely well-qualified by the bar ass’n.

Lalley is not as good as them.  Irene Clark is ten years off the bench, and is ideologically too far left.  We need centrists.  

3) for Superior Court;

I recommend;

a) Judge Moulton (D) – exceedingly well-qualified, and has a fine judicial tempetament.  Clerked for a US Supreme Court Justice, has by far the best resume of anyone running.  Well-spoken, ethical, and well-suited to the task.

b) Judge Giordano Judge of Northampton County ( R ) – Self-deprecating, funny, witty, down to earth, and collegial.  He’s the kind of fellow you’d want to have a beer with or discuss philosophy with.  Perfect for the job.

c). I DO NOT RECOMMEND any of the following)

1) Judge Kunselman, Beaver Co (D)

2) Judge Stedman, Lancaster Co ( R )

3) Judge Kagrise, Blair Co (R )

4) DJ Murray, Allegheny Co ( R )

Each of these simply do not seem ready for the job of Superior Court Judge as of yet.  They may improve, but they are not as good as the candidates we are recommending.

d) NO Opinion;

Judges Nichols and McLaughlin of Philadelphia CCP. (both D) 

I express no opinion on their candidacy.  

4) Summary

I have only recommended 2 candidates for Superior Court. 

Judge Moulton is already serving on Superior Court.

So really, he’s running for retention.

Judge Giordano ran in 2015.  He should be elected this time.

I can’t really help on the other 2 choices, except to say, we dont recommend anyone else.  We have no opinion on Nichols or McLaughlin, so they might be ok, but we dont recommend them.

its ok to vote for less than 4.  I do it all the time. 

And so should you.

Unless you KNOW who you are voting for and why, dont pull that lever.

The Gavel
Supreme Ct of PA


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