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Louise Linton was probably best known not for being the wife of Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, but for being a Scottish born blonde-bombshell actress who featured in several mainstream Hollywood films, and was the star of a nude/semi-nude pictorial in Maxim Magazine:


Ms. Linton has humbly and courteously provided us with her own biographical website at louiselinton.com: https://louiselinton.com

Her biography there in her own words states as follows:

Louise Linton was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and attended St. George’s School for Girls and then Fettes College, a boarding school in the heart of the Capital.

Louise Litton In Professional Actress Attire

As a young girl, she began professional training as an actress at The Edinburgh Drama Academy. She later trained with a private coach from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts from which she acquired her certificate with Honors.

Louise Litton Posing in Maxim Magazine

After boarding school, she spent some of her gap-year serving as a volunteer in Northern Zambia before embarking on college in the United States. She acquired a B.A. in Journalism from Pepperdine University followed by her Juris Doctorate in Law from UWLA. During this time, she began acting in film and television.

Louise Litton with Bikini, Drinks and Menthol Marlboro Cigarettes.  Life is Good.

Her first role was a guest star in ‘CSI: NY’. Small roles in various indie features followed. Robert Redford cast her in a small role in the United Artists film, ‘Lions for Lambs’, starring Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. She then did a supporting role in the Roy Lee horror, ‘The Echo’. After that she joined the cast of indie comedy ‘Screwball’ playing comedic news reporter, Shannon Storm. Following this, she filmed the U.S. detective smash ‘Cold Case’ playing a 1940’s Women Air Force Service Pilot.

Louise Linton posing in Maxim Magazine, 2009.

Louise then played a supporting role in Lionsgate’s, ‘Crew 2 Crew’ which was filmed on location in Italy. That fall, she was honored at the Scottish Style Awards as the country’s ‘Most Stylish Woman’. Immediately after her return to Los Angeles Louise got her first lead role in the sci-fi, ‘Scavengers’ opposite Sean Patrick Flanery, directed by Travis Zariwny. Louise then filmed the comedy, ‘She Wants Me’ opposite Charlie Sheen, Josh Gad, and Hillary Duff. She then went to Louisiana to film a small role of a drug addicted single mother in the gritty crime drama, ‘The Power of Few’ with Christopher Walken and Christian Slater.

Louise Litton with Plunging Neckline and Expensive Jewelry paid for by Her First and/or Second Husbands, Each of Whom was and is Incredibly Smart, Rich and Hardworking.

In spring 2011, Louise filmed the Lifetime movie, ‘William & Kate’ about the Royal couple. After this she spent a month in New York where she starred in the provocative Off Broadway show, ‘Manipulation’ at the Cherry Lane Theater.

Louise Litton at a Red Carpet Event.  She is an Actress.  She has a BA from Pepperdine and a law degree from UW Los Angeles.

Louise then traveled to Alabama to shoot the NASA-based, Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Award Winning Feature, ‘A Smile As Big As The Moon’ starring John Corbett.

Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
louise-linton_l8 (1)
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton,Scotland Model , Scotland, Profile and biography (5)
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
louise-linton_l8 (1)
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton,Scotland Model , Scotland, Profile and biography (3)
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton,Scotland Model , Scotland, Profile and biography (2)
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009
Louise Linton,Scotland Model , Scotland, Profile and biography (1)
Louise Linton in Maxim Magazine 2009

Louise graduated from law school in 2012, winning the Reuters Witkin Award for Academic Excellence in Trial Advocacy. After law school, she formed Stormchaser Films, an independent motion picture production company focused on script and IP acquisition, development and finance. The company’s first feature film will be released in 2016 with a further three films in pre-production for 2017 release and several more titles in development. The films range in genre from independent thriller, drama and comedy to YA studio franchises.

At Left, Actress Louise Linton with her Second Husband, Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, Former Financier and Movie Producer, and At Right, Steven Mnuchin with his Third Wife, Louise Linton. May it be a joyful and long-lasting marriage!

In winter 2012, Travis Zariwny suggested their second film collaboration as actress and director on his psychological thriller, ‘Intruder’. Louise joined the project as both actress and producer. She partnered with film executive Tina Sutakanat and ‘Intruder’ went into production on location in Portland three months later. Louise stars opposite John Robinson and Moby. IFC Midnight released the film in theaters and VOD on June 24th, 2016.

Louise Litton
Louise Litton
Louise Litton
Louise Litton
Louise Linton,Scotland Model , Scotland, Profile and biography (9)
Louise Litton
Louise Litton

Shifting from thriller to comedy, Louise then played the title role in the romcom, ‘Serial Dater’s Anonymous’ (2017) opposite Sam Page which was shot on location in Milwaukee.

After that she filmed a small role in Warren Beatty’s much-anticipated ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ (2017) as Betty, a young starlet under contract to Hughes’ film studio.

Secretary Mnuchin with his Lovely Beautiful and Well-Educated Bride

Louise then traveled once again to Portland, Oregon to film the iconic role of Deputy Winston in Eli Roth and Armory Films’ remake of the classic cult horror, Cabin Fever: Reboot (2016). This was her third collaboration with director, Travis Zariwny.

These Posts by Ms. Litton on Instagram were deemed offensive by many in the so-called “Fake News” and “Mainstream Media” or what many of us known simply as “The News”.

Louise then filmed the role of Veronica in the gritty crime thriller, ‘Odious’ about a Los Angeles cop and his unlikely associate who explore the dangerous under-belly of LA as they investigate the disappearance of a child.

The Handsome Couple Disembarking from United States Official Aircraft where, apparently, the Litton Instagram texts must have occurred, and thus, by inferential reasoning, on Government time and on Government business and at Government expense.

Louise then filmed a small role in ‘The Midnight Man’ (2017) in Winnipeg which she also Executive Produced. This was her fourth collaboration with director, Travis Zariwny.

Louise is a passionate advocate for people and animals. She is on the Board of Mattel’s Children’s Hospital UCLA. She has served on the Board of Trustees for her British boarding school, Fettes College since 2011. She was an Ambassador for Erskine Wounded Warriors Scotland from 2010-2012 and currently serves as an Ambassador for the Scottish Butterfly Trust for Cystic Fibrosis.

Louise serves as Ambassador for Mutt Match Animal Rescue Los Angeles, and is a global Ambassador for PAL ‘Protecting African Lions’ based in South Africa. She is active in her support of Kenya based anti-poaching and animal rehabilitation organizations, Ol’ Jogi and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, both of which exist to protect and preserve Africa’s endangered species. She is on the 2016 host committee for Conservation International’s annual event celebrating the global impact of the organization’s work to protect our environment.

She is the inaugural Brand Ambassador for British leather goods company, Dunmore with the launch of their handbag line, “The Linton Collection”.

Louise can be seen on the covers of, ‘I-On’ Magazine, ‘The Herald’ Magazine, ‘Seven Days’ Magazine, ‘Core’ Magazine,‘Your Life’ Magazine, and ‘Scottish Woman’ Magazine.

id.  cf. “Louise Litton” Wikipedia (and original sources cited therein) at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louise_Linton

According to the above bio, Litton holds a BA from Pepperdine University, and a JD from University of West Los Angeles School of Law.   She does not practice law; she is an actress.

However, her first husband, Ronald Richards, Esq., was and is a very prominent attorney, one of the top attorneys in the country, a former two time National Debating Champion from UCLA, a graduate of Beverly Hills HS where he set records for debate and speech, and as an attorney, had close personal and business ties with noted Constitutional Scholar and Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, who himself is a former National College Debate Champion and one of the top 3-5 if not the very top Constitutional Law Scholar in the United States.  cf. Ronald Richards, Wikipedia (and original sources cited therein); Ronald Richards and Associates Law Firm website.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Richards_(lawyer)



Ronald Richard, Esq. is one of the very best litigators in the World, not just the United States.

No one begrudges that Ms. Linton married a rich guy.  Everyone seems to be doing it these days–Miranda Kerr, who is allegedly bisexual, is Married to Snapchat founder CEO and billionaire Evan Spiegel.   http://people.com/style/miranda-kerr-evan-spiegel-married/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag   Salma Hayek is married to a French billionaire.  http://www.lepoint.fr/actualites-societe/2009-02-16/info-lepoint-fr-salma-hayek-et-francois-henri-pinault-se-sont/920/0/317661

We all know about Tom Brady.

Let’s face it, when it comes to A list actresses, models, and the like, many of them follow a simple elementary rule; go for the dough.  Of course they want a husband who is smart, intellectual, travels a lot, and so forth, but being insanely rich is the best card to play when wooing a seriously beautiful woman.  So do not fault Louise Linton for marrying a rich, smart guy.   Or in this case, doing it twice, since by all accounts, her first husband was pretty rich and smart and accomplished too.  But you get the gist.

On the Instagram comments, let’s cover them briefly, on the outrage factor, as they are quite silly in retrospect, and Ms. Litton has properly apologized;

  1.  As to whether it was personal or government business, the couple is photographed deplaning an Air Force One or Two Jet.  That’s Government business.  It doesn’t really matter if there is reimbursement later.
  2. There is a security issue if a Cabinet member’s wife is tweeting or texting on an unsecured commercial Instagram account while the Secretary of the Treasury is doing US Government business a few feet away, since the phone can easily be hacked and listened to going the other way, she has no clue who she’s talking to, and for all we know, every single thing Secretary Mnuchin was discussing on that plane trip is now known to North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, the Taliban, Isis/Isil, and every other enemy of our beloved United States.  Obviously, Ms. Linton seems oblivious to the high security risk of using a commercial or personal server while her husband is in Government business.  Or should we remind her about Hilary’s 30,000 emails and Anthony’s Weiner’s use of his wife’s official laptop?
  3. I’m a man.  I haven’t got a clue about designer fashion.  But tweeting out that you have designer clothes handbags and the like seems awful to me.  Our public servants, rich poor or middle, should act with virtue, honesty and decency.  We don’t care how you dress–we care that you show up on time, put in not just a forty hour week, but probably a fifty to seventy hour week, and if you are a spouse of someone in the cabinet, we really do not want to hear from you at all.  Flaunting wealth..
  4. This really comes down to an issue of manners, deportment and acting rudely in public.  And here, Ms. Linton  might be very wealthy, but she suffers from a poverty of class, behavior and deportment which traditionally was taught in the finer boarding schools and tea rooms of England and America.  In short, she is rude beyond belief, and insults middle class people for having to work for a living.  This is unacceptably rude because it illustrates bad manners.  This is what Emily Post said about Manners:  On Manners and Etiquette ; Manners are made up of trivialities of deportment which can be easily learned if one does not happen to know them; manner is personality—the outward manifestation of one’s innate character and attitude toward life…. Etiquette must, if it is to be of more than trifling use, include ethics as well as manners. Certainly what one is, is of far greater importance than what one appears to be (Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and At Home, by Emily Post, Selected Quotations.) http://www.bartleby.com/sv/postquotes.html

  5. On the issue of who has given more to the economy, the average wage earner or Steven Mnuchin and his wife, first let’s note that Ms. Linton has probably earned little or nothing in her entire career.  She has spent the last ten years getting a marriage visa by means of her first marriage to a wealthy attorney, then using his money to finance first her college education, then her law school education, and then her acting career.  She then selfishly appears to have abandoned her very smart, productive first husband for Steven Mnuchin, who as a movie producer, was in a position to put her into several of his films, which he apparently did.  They then married, and she moved from a position of being the spouse of a very wealthy man to being the spouse of an exceedingly wealth man.  And, apparently she was the daughter of very wealthy parents in Scotland, having reputedly grown up in a castle, so we can discount that Ms. Linton has ever contributed anything to the United States growing up.  She is an immigrant–she’s not an American, like you or me.  As for Mr. Mnuchin, it’s true he probably pays taxes, but assuming he has excellent accountants, most of his films lose money on paper, most of his investments lose money on paper, and whatever profits he has, are long term capital gains taxed at the 15% level.  Whereas, the average working class American is taxed in the 15%-33% bracket on ordinary income, plus they pay an additional 10% payroll tax kicker as well as state, local and property taxes, which raises their tax burden as a percentage of income to around 65%.  There’s no way Steve Mnuchin is paying anywhere close to that.  He’s paying about 15% of his gross income in taxes, tops.  Whereas the middle class working in the heartland is paying about 65% of their gross income in taxes.  And thus, Ms. Litton is totally and completely wrong about who’s supporting America.  It’s not how MUCH you give, but how DEAR the money is to you, as anyone who has studied economics understands–the utility of the last dollar to a billionaire is zero, or close to it, whereas the utility of the 56,000th dollar to a person making $75,000 a year supporting three kids on a single check is closer to five dollars.  So essentially, in welfare economics terms, the single mother of three is paying far more in terms of utility and welfare hedonics, and sacrificing far more, for our country, than is the immigrant-trophy wife, Ms. Litton, and the billionaire, Mr. Mnuchin.  Note; no one is saying anything Mr. Mnuchin is doing is wrong.  He is within the law to engage in tax avoidance.  But the tax system in our country, let’s face it, favors the rich.  And it crushes the weak and the middle class.
  6. Finally, on Sacrifice for our country, Mnuchin was a very smart guy who went to Yale and was Skull and Bones, but he never served in the Military, and his job at Goldman Sachs was guaranteed because HIS FATHER WAS ALREADY A PARTNER AT GOLDMAN SACHS.  Talk about going to work for Daddy.  Your freaking father is a Partner at Goldman Sachs when you graduate in 1985 into one of the largest stock market booms in US Economic History.  That’s not luck–that’s a lightning bolt hitting you from on high, a one in a million shot.  So it’s like Steve Mnuchin was born 90% of the way to home plate from 3d base, and now his loudmouthed wife is telling us all, “oh gee, my husband spent his life hitting a home run!”  Right.  I’m sure you’re not buying into that either.  cf. Steven Mnuchin, Wikipedia, and original sources cited therein.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Mnuchin#Early_life.2C_family.2C_and_education  After he left Goldman Sachs in 2002, his new investment buddies were….George Soros and Donald Trump, two of the richest guys in the world.  They helped him parlay the $75 million Mnuchin cleared from Goldman Sachs into the $3 billion or so he has now, thru a set of real estate deals, bank foreclosure companies, and other complicated dealings, some of which allegedly used the same offshore tax shelter methods for tax avoidance as did Mitt Romney while at Bain Capital (all perfectly legal).  But Mnuchin never “sacrificed” for his country–he was never in the military or the ROTC.  Linton was a Scottish citizen from a Scottish family–her family has never served in the US Military.  They haven’t sacrificed.  Whereas my dad fought in WW2, my son is in ROTC now, and dozens of my family served in Korea, ‘Nam, Iraq, you name it, they served.  And I did research work for the Company during college that I can’t even discuss that is still helping us fight radical Islam to this day.  I actually knew lots of actual, real spooks, guys who were on the ground when JFK ordered regime change in the Congo.  Those guys were heroes.  Mnuchin is probably not a bad guy, but to me–he’s a bean counter.



You have to imagine Linton will learn from this.  Politics and business are contact sports. The best thing is never to talk.  It’s best to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.   She will probably recover from this, I certainly wish her and her brand new husband well, but she should not disrespect our working people of which I am one.  My grandpop came to America with $25 in his pocket and made a life for our family.  I used to clean floors and toilets in his restaurant when i was 11 or 12.  I worked my way thru college as an adjunct to the university police and I wore the Uniform.  I’ve alway been proud to say I worked hard all my life, I respect how hard others work, and I love that America is the greatest place on earth.  But if you don’t respect the working men and women of this great land, well, you should get on back to Scotland or wherever you came from, because you don’t understand anything about America.  We WORK HARD here.










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