Review of “Syd the Karaoke Kid”

Psychedelia Reborn
author: Arthur Athanasios Kyriazis

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Syd the Karaoke Kid is a tremendous tour-de-force, an album which reminds us of the Kinks in their 1966 glory, with “Waterloo Sunset” and “You Really Got me Now” type tunes throughout. Syd also pays homage to Sixties Garage Punk like the 13th Floor Elevators; to the Blues of Chicago; and to LA Psychedelia, like the Doors. What an Album, and what a tremendous accomplishment for Syd Arthur!!!

John Kapelos aka “Syd the Karaoke Kid”

1 Syd, the Karaoke Kid
2 There’s Always a Girl
3 The Record Store
4 Seven Ways From Sunday
5 When the Drum Machine Was King
6 Inimitable Spin
7 Years
8 Find Myself
9 1974
10 Yeah Dan
11 The Invention
12 Syd, Reprise
13 When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things
14 The Starlet
15 Let’s Split
16 The Record Store Pt ii
17 Looking For Love
18 When the Drum Machine Was King – Finale

Syd Arthur
Syd, The Karaoke Kid

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The premiere disc from actor John Kapelos’ alter ego, Syd Arthur co-produced by Wings drummer Denny Seiwell. This wildly eclectic cd reflects Kapelos’ remarkable range of Jazz, Rock, Brazillian, Cajun, Big Band, Folk and 60’s Rock.

this is a superb cd!

Johnny Kapelos is an acclaimed actor and musician, and a former star of the second city improvisational theater of Chicago, as well as one cool right on dude. He also plays a mean bass guitar and can rock the blues all night long. check out

–art kyriazis philly/south jersey
Home of the world champion philadelphia phillies

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